The Row


Horror / Thriller

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Colin Egglesfield as Villiers
Lexi Atkins as Ana
Randy Couture as Detective Cole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcooper-42833 1 / 10

Don't waste your money...

I was hoping for more but was let down. Turned the movie off before it was over due to the shaky camera and poor story line. Teen girls running around half naked, drunk and druged out with a few SHORT scenes of murder which only lasted a couple of seconds each sums up this awful movie. I love Vanderpump Rules but LALA KENT acting was dull and not what I would expect after watching her on the show.

Reviewed by slasherguyy 2 / 10

Don't waste your time.

'The Row' (2018) had a lot of potential to be a fun B-grade slasher film, but instead chose to be two very different films: a laughably bad direct-to-video cop thriller with Randy Couture, and a sloppy slasher film with Instagram bimbos getting whacked by a knife-wielding killer.

Acting is somewhat OK from the cast and the killer looked pretty creepy on-screen, but the rest of the film is pretty much woeful due to the terrible script. I know it's a slasher movie, but some of the stuff here was just so, so bad. And what's with having no chase scenes? Come on, people.

Funniest part of the film had to be the female police chief who looked like a she'd just finished working it on a pole. I'd laugh if wasn't so stupid.

I'd suggest you watch Sorority Row (2009) or just browse Netflix for something decent. This movie is trash.

Reviewed by screechy_jim 4 / 10

Watchable... just

As slasher movies go, this one is probably pretty poorly ranked. It really doesn't have much to offer in the way of a story, suspense, intrigue or thrills, so your definitely not missing anything by giving it a pass.

There are some poor elements to the film, the story is rubbish, the camera work is terrible (especially in the slasher scenes) the script is dire and the directing though not terrible, is a bit wanting. However I think I need to be fair and give it a little credit as its not all terrible.

The cast is composed of mixture of talents ranging from competent to atrocious and one can only guess that after the leads had been hired only a dollar fifty was left for the rest. Actually for the most part the acting where it matters is OK. Given the material they have to work with the cast do an admirable job. Randy Couture does a reasonable job, ok he's not going to win any Oscars but still handles the role well enough. Lala Kent who plays Riley his daughter is pretty good and again does well with the role. Shae Buckner also does a good job here. Too often the actors seem to take flack for the failings of a film and this isn't the case here. I have to give a special mention to Melea Rose who plays Captain Ellingham. Her stunning performance first had my jaw dropping in wonder, then rolling on the floor in hysterics. Its worth watching the film just to see this.

As I said the film isn't all bad, there are some pretty spectacular women on show here and the cheap thrill content is of a remarkable standard given they are either scantily clad half the time or in their rather fetching underwear. In truth, this is the only reason I made it to the end, but even so I can't seriously recommend it unless you really have little else to do. .

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