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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ggiulia 6 / 10

One major contradiction?

The underlying message in this documentary is about seeking peace and avoiding violence... why do they interview and portray in a favourable way Cody Wilson, who, as far as I get it, is commercializing a DIY printable gun? Cody also speaks highly of Ross Ulbricht, whose goal seems to be eliminating the use of force in society. This contradicting aspect of the documentary I really didn't get. Having said this, Ulbricht's story seems heartwrecking and it doesn't sound like he had a fair trial.

Reviewed by aqeelalameer 5 / 10

Good but very insufficient

First of all this movie deviates away from its title. There was some layman explanation about the deep web to set the stage for Ulbricht's story but the title should have been different as it misleads the reader.

Secondly I think Winter did a good job with suspense as I felt I was attracted to the course of events and there were some unexpected turns such as the imprisonment for life in the Ulbricht's case.

The big downfall is the one-sided stance that Winter took in this movie painting the government as the ones to blame for the victims of the drug war and that it is Ulbricht's idea that should be used as a substitute for drugs on the street! It does that and also includes a story of a minor who purchased meth from the deep web so the movie kinda contradicts itself! it only sides with Ulbricht's story and is not able to give the full picture! it sounds very like a pro anarchism pro free will movie that assumes all people are good!

I think Winter should consider doing another movie to clarify what led the to life sentence for Ulbricht if he is to be an unbiased ideology-free director.

Reviewed by Daly Close 3 / 10

More about praising certain deep web users, rather than the deep web it self

I went into this expecting this documentary to explain something about the deep web, or how it came to be, to some sort of interesting extent. But really it just goes on and on about how amazing, moral, and philosophical certain users supposedly are. Mainly, the creator of the Silk Road. I'm a big fan of the Tor project, and I even like what the Silk Road did. But even as a fan, the extent they go into glorifying its creator is too much. They should have called this "Silk Road: Why Its Creator is Great." Another issue, is they focused too much on Tor. As if that is all there is to the deep web.

And just the way the story is presented, wasn't very engaging. The pacing seemed too slow. Although I don't really know enough about film production to pinpoint what caused me to perceive it that way.

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